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About Me

That's me on the right, napping with a friend at a prestigious London museum, full of joy. Napping is my spiritual gift. I can nap anywhere.


When I'm awake, I love exploring the connections between faith, psychology, history, and culture, and how they converge to uniquely shape our perspectives and presence in the world, which in turn, shape the world itself. As an Asian American woman, I write with hope that my words land softly and penetrate as deeply as needed...and perhaps even inspire an unexpected chortle or guffaw. Both are good.


Professionally, my background is in english, design, and org psych, working most recently as a professor and an assistant editor of a small academic journal. Personally, I'm a grateful wife and mom who wants to leave behind seeds of grace for my daughter to pick up when life gets muddy.


This is my attempt at clearing away some of my own mud.

*Leena is my pen name

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