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A New Year for Worship

My girlfriends and I have a tradition of selecting a word to guide us into each new year. The words are different and personal to each of us, and they help to ground us and redirect our attention to what we want to focus on as the year progresses. This year, my word is Worship.

I’ve been discovering how little I actually know about worship…apart from engaging in it weekly with my church…and I want to explore the depth and breadth of it in my daily life.

I want to reorient myself to it,

have it center and re-center me,

break me and gather me,

in ways that only the One who deserves it can.

I want my life to be an act of worship, and part of that entails me being faithful with my writing…to be more intentional about making it a real habit, even if most of it turns out to be (ahem) “sh*tty first drafts,” to borrow from Anne Lamott. So…here’s to developing new habits of worship this year.

Beginning with coffee.


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