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First world problems

you cajole me.

Tempt me to stay

in my little domain,

safe and away

riddled with anxiety

and the porn of what I could have

what I should have

what I deserve to have

while I loan out pennies,

smug and self-assured,

in my disconnected little first world,

seeing how others do

proving that I do too.

Showing to sell

inviting to be seen

with all the bits and stuff

that demonstrate how I’m enough

just like them

just like you

just like Meghan Markle too.

But something small sits apart

crouched in sadness

desolate in the dark

it whispers in confused tears

how is it that I do not care

about things outside my first world

about the stories bravely told?

Why does it not resonate in my body, my being?

Am I aware of what I am really reading?

Am I not a part of it,

this problem

this disease?

My first world screams

it’s them not me.

This was inspired by a couple of conversations I a friend and another a relative, both feeling disconnected from the world around them. One is well-read and regularly stays up-to-date with local and world news. I have always known her to be observant and compassionate, but her tank was empty. The other struggles with the force of her inner ambition in the face of her Christian upbringing. She is aware of the state of the world and wants to be successful more than anything else.


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